130413 Tao’s sexy red hair (╯‵Д′)╯

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Baekhyun was watching the seniors perform really attentively so when Kai talked to him, he didn’t hear. Baekhyun was adjusting the mike wires on his neck when Kai attacked… He gave Baekhyun’s arm a push, turning Baekhyun to face him and then they hugged and whispered. P.s. Sehun was watching the…


Chanyeol proudly showing Kai his moves; baby, you’re not awkward at all.

He prob saw more embarassing shits than that from Yeol already…

Don’t underestimate Chanyeol, the hidden ace in dancing. 

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Jongin the sexy dance machine and … Chanyeol… pulling his own moves in the back.

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Kai; requested by immorte

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